Rams vs Saints

Rams vs Saints: Three matchups that should go a long way in deciding who wins the NFC heavyweight clash between the Saints vs Rams. The game will be broadcast to a near-national audience at 4:25 p.m. ET.

The Los Angeles Rams are really good but are also really lucky, too. The past few weeks, the team has gotten themselves into some tight situations. Each time, they get out of them and have won. Last week against the Green Bay Packers is the perfect example of that.

The Rams were so close to losing but came back with big plays via the offense and defense. Heading into week 9, they face their biggest challenge thus far. The Rams are traveling to New Orleans to take on the Saints. The team is 6-1 and suffered only one loss at the beginning of the season. Since then, the Saints have remained perfect.

For the Rams, it’s time to prove they’re worth the hype. Defeating the Saints gives them complete control of the NFC race. It will come down to how the Rams play and if they’re able to keep up with the Saints. Add in factors like the loss of Cooper Kupp and the Saints having home-field advantage, the Rams are at a bit of a disadvantage.

However, there’s no reason to completely lose hope. Last season, the two teams played hard and the Rams came out on top. It will all depend on who plays better and who wants to win more. Both teams are on a hot streak too so it’s hard to predict who will win.

Instead, let’s look at three Rams players to watch. These three guys are going to be the deciding factor in whether they win or lose so let’s get into it.

A win Sunday would put the Saints in the driver’s seat for the NFC’s No. 1 overall seed, and it would also keep the Carolina Panthers safely in the NFC South rearview. A loss would drop them effectively three games behind the Rams (two in the loss column, plus the fact that the Rams would own the head-to-head) and would potentially eliminate their division lead.